This week’s stitch on the TAST challenge by SharonB is bonnet stitch. I am working this stitch for the first time. Though this was part of the previous TAST challenge, I did not attempt it then.
The stitch looked simple enough, Sharon had made a suggestion of using perle cotton instead of cotton skeins, with her boosting, I started with perle cotton. It does work well. This stitch has both twist and flip , with that combination, it was tricky to control the working thread, which I learnt after working a few rows! Each and every stitch had a mind of its own, which I thought was my inability to work this stitch. Later understood that, the working thread had to be held and cajoled to work the way we want.
The details of the rows worked today-
1. I wanted learn this stitch in the first row, the stitches are long on this row, the next row, the stitches are shorter.


2. In this row, the long and short stitches are worked alternatively. The next row,the stitches are worked as closed version, looks like open chain stitch gone wrong!


3. In the first row, the stitches are slanted on one direction. The second row, the stitches are slanted the other way.

27.bonst-3 the first row ,the stitches are worked with wider width. Of course unsuccessfully! The next row, the needle was inserted in the space of the previous stitch.


More practice required!