The embroidery part of the yoke and sleeves are completed on this tunic. The yoke and the lace placed over the tunic fabric looked like this-


After this ,the tunic went to the hands of the tailor, where the borders on sleeves were attached as I wanted, but when it came to the yoke, he left a gap on the yellow border, which was not as I expected, I had wanted the lace to be attached at the end of the border, just as the empire cut. but……!


To rectify this , I worked two paisleys on the border on both sides, still this looks more like a tribal dress than a tunic top. LOL! I think these kind of designs will look better on thin or slim figures , which I am definitely not! Though the result was not I expected, the joy of working on this design gave me the contentment. I am waiting for a suitable occasion to wear it !

bryegreen tunic-3

If anyone shows interest in the pattern of the yoke and sleeves, I can post it here.