My exposure to kutchwork was in 1985. I saw this new embroidery when a north Indian neighbor had a printed design on cloth. I wanted to learn that form of embroidery. Mrs. Jain[our neighbor] had the patience and the willingness to teach me. after this I restarted this kutchwork  again in 1990.
These three pieces I worked from 1993 to 1997.
This blouse the pattern on the sleeves is not seen clearly, I did not take pictures of projects then, this is just to give an idea of the blouse, the blouse had big mirrors and kutch motifs alternatively on the square spaces. It was a silk fabric. I have given away this blouse, in hot climate, this highneck silk blouse was not practical.

kutch on silk blouse

For some designs, I did not use graph paper, they were freeform kutch, drawn directly on to the fabric. this pale brown fabric had zari checks on it. I used the squares to draw the kutchwork pattern, that is the reason why, The motifs are so big. I also did not have the idea of using more number of strands! This tunic was also given away, I did not want any reminders!
So the tunic with its open kutchwork motifs!

kutch on brown tunic

The last one is also free form kutchwork, I remember toiling to draw this neckline and the pattern on the panels, the duppatta was made into a tunic last year, the details of which are here.
After this tunic I did not design freeform kutch for a long time. I was sorry to let go of this tunic, after putting so much effort on it.

kutch on maroon tunic

These pictures were captured from old photos. I might have to design the freeform neck pattern of this maroon tunic some time.