Today I tried some variations combining this buttonhole wheel with other stitches. The completed sampler-

24.buttonhole wheel stitch sampler-2

The details-
10. in the first row, detached chain stitches and fly stitches are worked in between, half buttonhole wheel. Quarter buttonhole wheel are worked in two colours in the second row.


11. quarter buttonhole wheels in opposite directions form the first row. Half buttonhole wheels combined with buttonhole stitch in the second row.


12.the first row is with feather stitch combination and the second row, with individual herringbone stitches.


13. in the first row, the buttonhole stitch is worked in trianglular shape with individual cretan stitch.[not satisfied with this row].

This variation of half wheels is totally copied from Sharon’s blog.

The third row, quarter buttonhole wheels are worked in between half closed feather stitch.


My buttonhole wheel stitch sampler is completed with this row. Now I’ll start my browsing  the blogs of other TAST participants…