Today I tried a few more samples of this buttonhole ’wheel’ stitch. Still not getting any inspiration for this stitch variations. Continuing to work on different shapes. At the end of the day, my buttonhole wheel stitch sampler looks like this.

24.buttonhole wheel sampler-1

The details-
3. four shapes worked in buttonhole.


4.another set of shapes in buttonhole.


5- for the last shape , I added some detached chain stitches in the corners.


6.the first row , buttonhole wheel worked with running stitch. the second row, quarter buttonhole with zigzag back stitch.


7. diamond shapes and quarter buttonhole worked in this row.


8. buttonhole wheel worked with stem stitch and back stitch.


9. straight stitches are worked around the buttonhole wheel in the first , the outline of the wheel is worked with detached buttonhole. The second one in the row, with back stitch outline, the third is worked with fly stitches, the fourth one, worked with detached chain stitches.


will I get inspired to work more samples?