With these set of samples, this knotted cretan stitch sampler is completed.


the first part-


The details-
10. in this row , the knotted Cretan stitch is combined with a variation of feather stitch.


11. this row, after making the knot on the Cretan stitch, a slanted chain stitch is worked, this step is repeated till the end.


12. this time , the knotted Cretan stitch itself is slanted, the first two attempts, I did not get it right, later got the hang of it.


13. wheat ear stitch is worked in the spaces of the knotted cretan stitch line.


14.after working a row of knotted Cretan stitch, a zigzag back stitch is worked above it and fly stitches are worked below.


15.I tried working detached chain stitches on this row of Cretan stitch.


When working on this sampler, I did not use many colours, the cone thread I used was variegated. I found that using one thread saves time. And the sampler also looks better without the confusion of many colours.