Today I worked this stitch by combining with some other stitches. I like working like this, it totally changes the look of both the stitches, I feel as if I am discovering new stitches. Now for the details.
5. In this row, I combined knotted Cretan stitch with cretan stitch.

6. in this row, knotted Cretan is combined with herringbone stitch on one side.

7.This row, the combination is knotted Cretan and chevron stitch.

8. here, a row of herringbone stitch is worked in pink, over that knotted Cretan stitch is worked, first over the crosses and later in the space between the stitches.

9. knotted Cretan stitch is worked between two rows of buttonhole stitches.

Tomorrow I’ll try combine some other stitches with this stitch, this sampler is getting very interesting for me!