More details of knotted Cretan stitch sampler.
3.Knotted Cretan stitch is worked in two rows in the top. And the next one, two rows of knotted Cretan stitch worked one over the other.

4. in these three rows I tried individual knotted Cretan or half knotted Cretan stitches, they look like some other knot stitch[ I don’t remember the name]
the first row, the two rows of knotted Cretan stitches are facing away from each other, first I started working them very closely, though they looked great, I may not be able to decipher their working at a later date, so worked them with some space in between.
The second row, same as the previous row, except the starting and the ending point of the two rows of the stitches are the same .
The third row, I worked each knotted cretan stitch seperately.