Today I tried some more experiments of this bullion knot. The completed sampler-

20.bullion knot sampler

15. a few fly stitches were worked, in between bullion knots were worked in mauve thread.


16. a circle of straight stitches, and bullion knots worked in between them.


17. the first one, Cretan stitch was worked in a circle, bullion knots were worked in two colours on them. The next one,  I worked back stitch in a curved pattern on one side, and bullion knots on the other side.


18. Tried bullion knots in two shades of green.


19. worked bullion knots and added some zardosi tubes in between the knots.


20. in this I tried some flowers and leaves  with bullion knot.


This bullion knot is not my friendly stitch, I could say. Still I was eager to try this stitch for this challenge. But I am also happy that it is completed now.