This week’s TAST 2012 challenge is bullion knot. I am scared of this stitch, I have started it only to give up. This time around , there is no escaping from this stitch. After browsing what other people have done with this stitch, I am more scared now. The first idea is to work this stitch with some line stitches, this way I can practice this stitch . so herring bone stitch, feather stitch and buttonhole stitches were the chosen ones.
1. Herringbone stitch- after working a variation of herringbone stitch, I worked [tried] bullion with ten wraps over them.


2.feather stitch- the bullion knots are worked with eight wraps on this row.


3- buttonhole stitch- bullion with six wraps are worked on this row

20.bullion kn-3

I’ ll have think of some more use of this knot with other stitches, so that I can make a bullion knot trying sampler!