Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The sequins and beads were used to embellish this light brown yoke, which is placed on the tunic fabric.

bro be yk-6

When I started with the yoke, I did not think, this combination will look so dull. Still the yoke and the fabric went to the tailor, and came back like this-

bro be yk-tunic1

I was not fully satisfied with the result, so I attached a cord with round gold beads around the yoke.

bro be yk-tunic2

The close up of the yoke-

bro be yk-tunic3

I feel somehow this yoke and tunic combination is not attractive, reasons could be, the yoke fabric did not suit the tunic, or the beads did not enhance the look of the tunic. With all these , I have worn the tunic many times.

After embroidering on the lines to form borders for beads, first the motif was worked before attaching the beads. After working medium sized fly stitches around, the centre was done with floral and round beads.

bro be yk-2

Cone shaped beads and reddish brown beads were worked around the centre.

brobe yk-3

The spaces in between the running stitches were embellished with , gold sequins and beads.

bro be yk-4

The close up of the remaining part of the  yoke-

bro be yk-5

The completed tunic on my next post.