Friday, May 4th, 2012

The complete crossed buttonhole stitch sampler which was worked during the earlier TAST challenge.

18.crossed buttonhole stitch1 sampler

For this challenge, I have chosen to work the stitch in plain fabric. I am also thinking of combining other stitches with this stitch. The current sampler, which I am working on-
1.First a row of buttonhole stitch was worked in dark pink ,over which the crossed buttonhole stitch is worked in lighter pink

18.cro bholest2-1

2. the first row I worked double cross stitches with long tail below the crossed buttonhole stitches.
Detached chain stitches are worked over the crossed buttonhole stitches.

18.cro bholest2-2

I tried working the alternate crosses in V- shape[ not very successfully!] and three detached chains are worked inside them.
Fly stitches are worked over the crosses in this row.

18.cro bholest2-3

I tried working a pattern which goes up and down. Three crosses together and one buttonhole stitch in between them.

18.cro bholest2-4

Will post some more variations tomorrow.

I have posted a kutch work tutorial of a motif on this page