This week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB is crossed buttonhole stitch. This stitch was part of the earlier TAST challenge. I had worked a stitch sampler, when it was rerun on stitchin fingers. But had not posted the sampler on my blog or flickr.
The details of the sampler-
I started with closed buttonhole stitch and a variation.

18.c bholest1-1

First row crossed buttonhole stitch, acombination of closed buttonhole stitch and crossed buttonhole stitch, long and short version of crossed buttonhole stitch.

18.c bhole st1-2

In these rows, I tried crossing three buttonhole stitches instead of two and the last row of this stitch with varying crosses.

18.c bhole st1-3

A narrow and broad version of crosses.

18.c bholest1-4

Another three variations of this stitch.

18.c bholest1-5

Two versions of crossed buttonhole stitches facing each other.

18.c bholest1-6

The two rows of crossed buttonhole stitch face away from each other.

18.c bholest1-7

This can be a zigzag version of crossed buttonhole stitch or upright crossed buttonhole stitch.

18.c bhole st1-8

Four rows of crossed buttonhole stitch.

18.c bholest1-9

With this row this sampler is complete.