April 2012

.This satin stitch was also part of the previous TAST challenge. . I did not work on this during that time it was rerun on stitchin fingers.
When it was on sharonB’s blog, during TAST 2012 challenge I was in India, so I am starting the sampler now .The idea to work on this stitch sampler-
Satin stitches in
1.Filling patterns.
2.border patterns.
Today I tried a few filling patterns
1. Diamond shapes.

14.sat st-1

2. Zigzag pattern

14.sat st-2

3.long and short pattern.

14.sat st-3

4.Another diamond variation.

14.sat at-4

I ‘ll start with some borders tomorrow.


I was in India for the past four weeks. Though I was browsing SharonB’s blog for the TAST challenge, I was not participating . this was a stitch free holiday for me.
After returning back, I started with the 16th week stitch – French knots.I have not been using this stitch when I worked the other weeks stitches, thought this stitch could be part of the challenge. I can work on it during that week. At last it is here.
This is also a band sampler, I did not get many ideas with this this stitch. My experiments with this stitch-
1.these three rows I tried familiarizing with the stitch.

15.fre kn-1

2.the first row, after working the French knots, I worked chain stitches over them.
The second row, the French knots are worked with herringbone stitch.

15.fre kn-2

3. A variation of Cretan stitch with French knots.
French knots are worked around cross stitches, to form a pattern.

15.fre kn-3

4- french knots are worked with buttonhole stitch.
A row of chevron stitch, and French knots with straight stitches worked on one side.

15.fre kn-4

I tries some small motifs with French knots-
5. French knots in two colours.

15.fre kn-5

6.straight stitches , detached chain stitches and French knots.

15fre kn-6

7.another motif with straight stitches , detached chain stitches and French knots.

15.fre kn-7

8-cross stitch, fly stitch and French knots. I liked this one the best.

15.fre kn-8

9- straight stitches and French knots in circle.

15. fre kn-9

With these the variations are completed. The finished French knots sampler-

15.fre kn-sampler

The completed yoke with the sequin and the beads when placed over the kalamkari fabric.

bro kalam tunic-3

The sewn tunic with embroidered yoke and border-

bro kalam tunic-4

The close up of the yoke-

bro kalam tunic-5

At the time of working on this yoke, I had not got into the habit of picturing the work in progress. These days , I take pictures at different stages of embroidery to understand more.
So the next picture was taken after completing the stitches , before I added the sequins and the beads.

bro kalam tunic-2

I did not take many pictures while embroidering this tunic. The stitches used in this embroidery were-
Straight stitch, back stitch, stem stitch. Fly stitch, chain stitch, herringbone stitch, detached chain stitch and double cross stitch.
After tracing the design on to the fabric, the first colour-

bro kalam tunic-1

This is the only picture I  have of the work in progress.

I bought this kalamkari[ vegetable dye work from Andhra Pradesh, India] block printed material over 15 years ago. The salwar[thick] fabric and the dupatta[shawl][thin] were a pair. The tunic top for this set was in maroon. I did some kutch work on this top and wore this set for some time. I don’t have the picture  of that set now. The top was given away. Then I made another top in dark peach colour. I had worked a simple border embellished with wooden beads. I kept the dupatta , while giving away the set.
This time around the duppatta was on its way to become a tunic. A maroon colour fabric was chosen for the yoke. The idea was to work embroidery on traditional Indian design embellishing with antique beads and sequins.
The tunic [duppatta] fabric-

bro kalm tunic-fabric

Herring bone stitch, stem stitch and chain stitch were worked with medium green colour thread.
Chain stitch, zigzag back stitch and fly stitch were worked with light green thread.
Light pink colour thread was used for chain stitch, herringbone stitch and all the left over lines were also worked in back stitch with this same pink.
The tunic-

lemon yellow tunic -1

Another view-

lemon yellow tunic-2

Close up of the tunic-

lemon yellow tunic-close up

After embroidering this tunic, I now enjoy sharing the details of this project .

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