Sunday, April 29th, 2012

When the 15th week stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge was on SharonB’blog, I was on stitch -free vacation. Now that I have completed this week’s wheatear stitch, thought of working on stem stitch sampler. I don’t see many ideas regarding this stem stitch, though I have used it before on my embroideries. This led to the practicing of stem stitch on some floral designs.
Floral petals worked in three shades-


Paisley pattern in four colours.


Flower in two colours.


A design done in blue and light violet.


Shaded effect with stem stitch filling.


A flower in three colours.


Rest if the variations of the wheat ear stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB.
In this row the straight stitches are done after working the detached chain stitch. When worked individually they look very pretty. But I worked them in a row.

17.whe earst-7

The same individual wheat ear stitches are worked in opposite directions, in this row.
In the next row , instead of two straight stitches, I worked five straight stitches and worked the detached chain stitches in different colour thread.

17.whe earst-8

In the first row, the straight stitch is taken vertically on one side, and on the other side it is worked diagonally.
A row wheat ear stitches are worked over a row of detached chain stitches.

17.whe earst-9

I tried working individual wheat ear stitches diagonally to form a row.
Two rows of wheat ear stitches done with variegated thread.

17.whe earst-10

Two rows of wheat ear stitches worked facing each other.


I tried adding beads to this stitch.
In the first row, the beads are worked on to the chain stitches.
The second row, the green seed beads are added on to the straight stitches

17.whe erst-12

With this I am completing the variations of wheat ear stitch. The 1st part of the sampler-

17.wheat ear stitch sampler-1

The second part of the sampler-

17.wheat ear stitch sampler-2