After working a few more motifs in satin stitch I completed this stitch sampler. More designs are available on the downloaded books.
Along with the floral , the border pattern also captured my interest.

14.sat st-15

A geometrical pattern and a flower.

14.sat st-16

More florals.

14.sat st-17

This one I had left incomplete, now completed

14.sat st-18

A few more florals

14.sat st-19

The last set of designs in satin stitch.

14.sat st-20

The complete set of floral pattern done in satin stitch.

14.sat st-motifs

The satin stitch sampler done on canvas.

14.sat st-sampler

The idea of working satin stitch sampler with these antique patterns came when this stitch was part of the challenge on stitchin fingers. I did not work on it at that time. With this TAST 2012 challenge, I took the opportunity to make use of those patterns.