Today, I completed this week’s stitch sampler. The details-
16-I tried this twisted chain and normal chain combination with other stitches. This row the stitch is with buttonhole stitch.

12.b ch,ab ch st2-16

17- a combination with herringbone stitch.

12.b ch, ab ch st2-17

18-first row- the combination of barred chain. Normal chain and alternating twisted chain and normal chain stitches.
Second row- barred chain stitch row with double detached chain stitches or berry stitches.

12.b ch,ab ch st2-18

19-first row, barred chain stitch laced with pearl cotton thread.
Second row – barred chain stitch with beads.

12.b ch,ab ch st2-19

The stitch sampler is completed .

12.b ch,ab ch st2-sampler a

The second part-

12.b ch,ab ch st2-sampler b

The third part-

12. b ch,ab ch st2-sampler c

The fourth part-

12.b ch, ab ch st2-sampler d

When I started this sampler,Though the stitch was easy to work, I was not satisfied with the asymmetry of the stitch. But from the the fifteenth picture, I started liking this stitch. Totally a wonderful experience.