A few more variations of this week’s – barred chain and alternative barred chain stitch.
8-I worked a half cross stitches and did a zigzag version of a.b chain stitch.
The next row, the barred chain stitches are worked into the previous chain stitch.

12.b.ch,ab.ch st2-8

9-the barred chain stitches are worked with cable chain stitch.
The second row- a set of barred chain and chain stitch is worked on two levels. The curved row of stitch looks better this way, suppose.

12.b.ch,ab ch st2-9

10-The barred chain stitch is worked with shell chain stitch.
And A row of barred chain with three chain stitches.

12.b ch,ab ch st2-10

11- a row of barred chain stitch was worked first, then detached chain and fly stitch was worked at the angles made by the barred chain.

12.b ch,ab ch st2-11

May try this stitch with other stitches tomorrow.