A long name for a simple stitch. This is the 12th week stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB. Both the stitches being similar are joined together,

because they are similar. I started with this stitch sampler on the first TAST challenge, when it was rerun on stitchin fingers.
Thought I ‘ll refresh this stitch again. I ‘ll try using this stitch with other stitches also in this sampler-
1-first row- the length of the chain stitch is shorter than the length of the barred chain stitch
.2nd row- the length of the chain stitch is longer than the barred chain stitch.
3rd row-the twisted chain stitches are longer in the top than the ones in the bottom.
4th row- tried a curved version of this stitch.

12.b.ch, ab.ch st2-1

2-the stitches in the first row turn at right angles to form a pattern.
2nd row- consecutive two stitches are worked on both sides.

12.b.ch,ab.ch st2-2

3- the barred chain is worked on one side only, the height of the stitches vary in this row.

12.b.ch,ab.ch st2-3

4-1st row- barred chain stitches are worked on both sides of the normal chain stitch in copper colour.
2nd row- barred chain stitches are worked facing each other.

12.b.ch, ab.ch st2-4

5-I tried to work the barred chain stitches straight, with fly stitches.

12.b.ch,ab.ch st2-5

6-worked same as the previous row, with fly stitches placed in between.

12.b.ch,ab ch st2-6

7-I worked the chain stitches at right angles to the barred chain stitches.

12.b.ch,ab.ch st2-7