Today, I completed this stitch sampler. Added a few more samples.
10 –I stitched sixteen straight stitches in this circle, while working around, alternated between whipped wheel stitch and woven wheel stitch. It does not look any different from the normal whipped wheel stitch.

11.whi whe st2-10

11 in the first sample, I added pink beads to the whipped wheel stitch.
I tried working this stitch in oval shape.

11.whi whe st2-11

12. the first stitch is worked in hexagon shape with a pink stone in the middle. The next one is worked in square shape with a bead in the middle.

11.whi whe st2-12

With this the sampler is completed . the completed sampler-

11.whi whe st2-sampler

This week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge is barred chain and alternate barred chain. I had worked this stitch during the rerun of the first TAST challenge. Now have to think about some new variations of this stitch.