I did a few more variations of this week’s stitch.
I tried this stitch in a line with other stitches.
2- first row , a variation of whipped wheel stitch is worked on a row of herring bone stitch. The second row is with three rows of Cretan stitch. Third row I tried whipping a row of double Cretan stitch.

11.whi whe st2-2

After this I am using this stitch to form some motif patterns.
3- five individual variations of whipped wheel stitch with three spikes, combined with detached  chain stitch.

11.whi whe st2-3

4- four whipped wheel stitches with three spikes combined with straight stitches worked in metallic thread.

11.whi whe st2-4

5-this motif is made completely of three spikes whipped wheel stitch.

11.whi whe st2-5