This kantha embroidery sampler is not of the same width as my other TAST stitch samplers, I want to work some borders, outlines, and some motifs together on kantha embroidery on this sample cloth. The fabric being cream, wide range of colours can be used for the samples. These are some more kantha border samples.
4-running stitch on curved line, and stitch worked on a border pattern. st2-kan4

5-tried this border with two colours, a combination of filling stitch and line stitch. st2-kan5

6-two more kantha borders- st2-kan6

7- generally mono colour or shades of same colour are used in kantha work, sometimes contrasting colours are also used. The curved row, I had worked this on a medium size fish pattern years ago, liked it very much, but that work is not with me to be shown now. st2-kan7

A few more borders are  still in the idea stage.