With these attempts I am completing this trial of Kashmiri couching. As suggested by another member of TAST , I’ll have to approach this stitch in other ways too. Initially, this couching should be done on drawn pattern and not lines, this will help to practice this stitch, later , after mastering the technique, it will be easier. I want to continue this learning process, but will do so at a later date.
12-in this motif, three circles are worked in couching stitch with three twists added in between.

9.cou st-12

13-I tried the same twisted couching in this shape.

9.cou st-13

14-small paisley worked in circular couching in the centre and single twist couching around it.

9.cou st-14

Though I haven’t done as much as required for this Kashmiri couching, starting this gave me some satisfaction. I can continue, where this was left, at a later date.