Thanks Diane, for your wonderful suggestion, it has helped in reducing my anxiety .
Today also I tried working on this Kashmiri couching stitch. The art of twisting the thread still keeps eluding me. Just have to keep working on it.
8- I tried alternating three twists with single twist of the thread in this row.

9.COU ST-8

9- top row worked in single twist couching and the bottom is worked with two twists. Need lots of practice.

9.cou st-9

10- the centre was worked in large spiral couching, around it some small spirals.

9.cou st-10

11- after working a spiral couching in the centre, couching with a single twist was worked around the centre. They are worked in a line to form a border.

9.cou st-11

I might try working this couching technique for fillers, tomorrow