After the trials of the couching stitch yesterday, an idea of working this stitch as spirals came to mind. This is not my original idea. This couching stitch is used widely in Kashmiri embroidery. A thick skein of thread or wool is couched on to the fabric with a same colour thread. It is done in mono colour. Spirals form the basic pattern. I had not tried this before, thought , for this week ‘s stitch, I’ll try to work this stitch.
2- A. I tried zig zag couching in this row.
b. I started with the first row of spirals. Both these rows are worked on wool.

9.cou st-2

3-a. drew a straight line and tried two spirals together in this row[ not satisfied again!]
b. tried different spirals by couching, [ this experiment is ok]

9.cou st-3

4-in this row continuous spirals were worked in a line.

9.cou st-4

5- a row of long spirals are worked in this row.

9.cou st-6

6-I tried alternating the previous two rows.

9.cou st-6

7-I tried working three spirals together in this row [ either, I need loads of practice or I am not doing this right]

9.cou st-7

Quite frustrated to see the effects, though!