February 2012

I am planning to do a stitch sampler with varieties of chain stitch for this week’s TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB.
These stitches are chosen from earlier TAST challenges . I had not explored them , when participating in those challenges. This way, I am able to work those unfinished stitches and also get to work on this week’s stitch.
1. Cable chain stitch
The first stitch chosen is cable chain stitch. This was the 36th week stitch of first TAST Challenge.
Since I had not used this stitch much, I am starting to familiarize myself with this stitch.
The sampler in progress- in this part of the sampler, I have started with working this cable chain stitch, alternating the size of the chain stitch, alternating the length of the cable, starting the stitch in the middle of the previous stitch and combining it with chain stitch

8.ch A cab ch-1

This week it is chain  stitch  of the stitch challenge TAST 2012 by SharonB . I have used this chain stitch  on my embroidery many times. but when it comes to exploring this stitch’s possibilities, Iam stuck for ideas.

Sharon had also written that-

For more experienced stitchers I am encouraging them to take the stitch and push it further. There are loads of varieties of chain stitch some of which I introduce later in the challenge (although not next week!) That the challenge is to take a stitch and see what can be done with it.

This led me to think of differnet varieties of chain stitch. actually I had not completed  the previous TAST challenges. With this idea,I browsed through the stitch categories of the  previous challenges and found these easy[hopefully] chain stitch varieties.

1.cable chain stitch

2.knotted cable chain stitch

3.checkered chain stitch

4.chained bar stitch.

5.shell chain stitch

with these choices, I have to learn and  work on these stitches .

hoping to start tomorrow.



Continuing with the details of my detached chain stitch sampler,
22-this row is a combination of herringbone stitch and detached twisted chain stitch.

7.de ch2-22

23- this row is worked in closed buttonhole stitch, twisted chain stitch and a set of five detached chain stitches.

7.de ch2-23

24- variations of detached chain stitches.

7.de ch2-24

25- I made some shapes with herringbone, chevron, feather and buttonhole stitches and worked the detached chain stitches on them.

7.de ch2-25

26- I tried detached chain stitches on lace.

7.de ch2-26

27-detached chain stitches are worked on beads and sequins. Bad choice of sequin. A darker colour would have looked better.

7.de ch2-27

With these variations I am completing this detached chain stitch sampler.
The finished sampler- part1

7.de ch2-sampler-1

Part 2-

7.de ch2- sampler2


7.de ch2- sampler-3

Part 4-

7.de ch2-sampler4

Waiting for next week’s stitch and enjoying the works done by other members of this challenge.

Today also I tried few variations of detached chain stitch on my stitch sampler. Found some more possibilities for twisted chain stitch.
On an aside note- When I am working on these variations, I seem to stumble upon some new type of stitches, by combining two stitches. Need to work on this idea at a later date. now for the variations-
15- combination of detached chain and detached double chain or berry stitch.

7.de ch2-15

16-detached twisted chain worked horizontally in this row.

7.de ch2-16

17-detached twisted chain stitch worked diagonally in this row.

7.de ch2-17

18- detached twisted chain stitch is worked [I was trying to do this as paisley pattern, was not very successful though!] over fly stitch variation.

7.de ch2-18

19-this is the first step – a row of detached chain stitches.

7.de ch2-19a

I worked a slanted Cretan stitchover these detached chain stitches.

7.de ch2-19b

Again worked detached chain stitches to fill the spaces.

7.de ch2-19c

20-worked individual fly stitches in a row and worked detached chain stitches on alternate stitches.

7.de ch2-20

21- detached double chain stitches with running stitches.

7.de ch2-21

God willing, hoping to finish this sampler by tomorrow.

Subraja had asked for the pattern of this kutchwork on red tunic.
The wide border design is made by repeating the individual motifs. I am uploading the single motif.
The original design.

red on red -kutchwork

The pattern-

red on red -kutchwrok pat1

Another view of the same-

red on red -kutchwork pat2

If anyone wants the working of this motif , please leave your request in the comments .
Enjoy working on this motif!

The progress of this week’s detached chain stitch of the TAST2012 stitch challenge by SharonB, is quite slow.
Today morning , an idea came to mind –of working on detached twisted chain stitches.the result-
11- the detached twisted chain stitch and its reverse are worked together in a row.

7.DE CH2-11

12-in this row detached twisted chain stitches are worked with longer tail.

7.de ch2-12

13-detached twisted chain stitches are worked facing away from each other[ or is it facing each other?]

7.de ch2-13a

Detached chain stitches are worked  in between the stitches.

7.de ch2-13b

14- a row of crossed detached twisted chain stitches are worked along with buttonhole stitch.

7.de ch2-14


I was thinking how to use this stitch as a band sampler. I am not getting too many ideas though!
After reading SharonB’s  hint that-

Not necessarily take the documented variations that are in various stitch dictionaries but take the stitch itself and see what you can do with it. I am not saying working variations is wrong as some variations will appear as part of the challenge later in the year.  This is a gentle ‘keep it simple’ reminder that the challenge is to take a stitch and see what can be done with it. 

For those who dont like the push it further aspect, combining the weeks stitch with a previous TAST challenge stitch is fun too. –


– – thought that I myself was combining a few stitches, and had also used detached chain stitches on them…. how to work this stitch now? may be if I start working on these stitches, and see where I go from there…

so the journey begins-
4- worked back stitches in a row, did detached chain in green thread, did three detached chains in dark blue thread. Then added pink seed beads, and worked a detached chain around it too. I am really trying!

7.de cha2-4

6 – worked small straight stitches,tried twisted chain stitch[ technically I am on detached chain only]

7.de cha2-6a

Did detached chain stitches outlining this row,

7.de cha2-6b

Added bugle beads in the centre

7.de cha2-6c

7-worked two rows detached chain stitches, laced with rimjim thread

7.de cha2-7

8- in this row too, detached chain stitches are worked in a row, tried whipping them with rimjim thread, found it looked similar to the previous row,

7.de cha2-8a

changed the thread half way and did the whipping with cone thread.

7.de cha2-8b

9 worked individual cross stitches , then long tailed detached chain stitches below them.

7.de cha2-9

10 I worked two variations of fly stitch-one with a straight line and the other one is tied with chain stitch[once again detached chain!]

7.de cha2-10a

Worked a set of three detached chain stitches over them. It does looks good. That’s a surprise!

7.de cha2-10b

hoping to stumble on sone new variations tomorrow….

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