Today I worked some more samples of knotted cable chain stitch.
4-after working a row of this stitch, I added pink seed beads over the knot. Tried adding two beads to see the effect. B kncab ch-4

5-in these three rows I tried changing the angle of the knot and the chain
a-the knots were done in an angle and the chains were worked in straight line.
b-the knots here were worked on straight line and the chains were worked in an angle.
c- in this row the knots and the chains are perpendicular to each other. The working of the row is not good. B kncab ch-5

6- a row of knotted cable chain stitch is laced with another thread. b kncab ch-6

7-two rows of chain stitches are worked with knotted cable chain stitch. B kncab ch-7

With these samples I am completing my knotted cable chain stitch sampler. Tomorrow , starting with checkered chain stitch.