Cable chain stitch
I worked a few more samples of cable chain stitch today.
2- In the first row , I laced the cable chain stitch. And combined cable chain stitch with untwisted chain stitch. A cab ch-2

3-this row the cablechain stitch is alternated with twisted chain stitch. A cab ch-3

4-the zig zag version of cable chain stitch. A cab ch-4

5-In the first row the cable chain stitch is whipped on both sides. In the next row, Cross stitches were worked in between the cable chain stitches. A cab ch-5

6- bunch of three detached chain stitches are worked on a row of cable chain stitches. A cab ch-6

7-beads were added to a line of cable chain stitches. A cab ch-7

With these samples I am completing my sample stitches of cable chain stitch.
Tomorrow it is knotted cable chain stitch.