This week it is chain  stitch  of the stitch challenge TAST 2012 by SharonB . I have used this chain stitch  on my embroidery many times. but when it comes to exploring this stitch’s possibilities, Iam stuck for ideas.

Sharon had also written that-

For more experienced stitchers I am encouraging them to take the stitch and push it further. There are loads of varieties of chain stitch some of which I introduce later in the challenge (although not next week!) That the challenge is to take a stitch and see what can be done with it.

This led me to think of differnet varieties of chain stitch. actually I had not completed  the previous TAST challenges. With this idea,I browsed through the stitch categories of the  previous challenges and found these easy[hopefully] chain stitch varieties.

1.cable chain stitch

2.knotted cable chain stitch

3.checkered chain stitch

4.chained bar stitch. chain stitch

with these choices, I have to learn and  work on these stitches .

hoping to start tomorrow.