Continuing with the details of my detached chain stitch sampler,
22-this row is a combination of herringbone stitch and detached twisted chain stitch. ch2-22

23- this row is worked in closed buttonhole stitch, twisted chain stitch and a set of five detached chain stitches. ch2-23

24- variations of detached chain stitches. ch2-24

25- I made some shapes with herringbone, chevron, feather and buttonhole stitches and worked the detached chain stitches on them. ch2-25

26- I tried detached chain stitches on lace. ch2-26

27-detached chain stitches are worked on beads and sequins. Bad choice of sequin. A darker colour would have looked better. ch2-27

With these variations I am completing this detached chain stitch sampler.
The finished sampler- part1 ch2-sampler-1

Part 2- ch2- sampler2

Part3- ch2- sampler-3

Part 4- ch2-sampler4

Waiting for next week’s stitch and enjoying the works done by other members of this challenge.