Today also I tried few variations of detached chain stitch on my stitch sampler. Found some more possibilities for twisted chain stitch.
On an aside note- When I am working on these variations, I seem to stumble upon some new type of stitches, by combining two stitches. Need to work on this idea at a later date. now for the variations-
15- combination of detached chain and detached double chain or berry stitch. ch2-15

16-detached twisted chain worked horizontally in this row. ch2-16

17-detached twisted chain stitch worked diagonally in this row. ch2-17

18- detached twisted chain stitch is worked [I was trying to do this as paisley pattern, was not very successful though!] over fly stitch variation. ch2-18

19-this is the first step ā€“ a row of detached chain stitches. ch2-19a

I worked a slanted Cretan stitchover these detached chain stitches. ch2-19b

Again worked detached chain stitches to fill the spaces. ch2-19c

20-worked individual fly stitches in a row and worked detached chain stitches on alternate stitches. ch2-20

21- detached double chain stitches with running stitches. ch2-21

God willing, hoping to finish this sampler by tomorrow.