This week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB is detached chain stitch.
When this challenge was rerun on stitchin fingers, I did some motifs with this stitch.
For this week, I thought on working this stitch on even weave fabric. It is still in the thinking stage, so I have very few variations to show. Starting this as a band sampler-
1- A row -Alternating between normal detached chain and long tailed detached chain. ch2-1

2- A row of straight stitch and detached chain. ch2-2

3- A variation og zigzag back stitch, with single chain and triple chain stitches. ch2-3

5.I saw this twisted variation of herringbone stitch by one of the members of this challenge. The detached chain stitches are worked on that twisted herringbone stitch. ch2-5

hoping to continue the variations.