Today I tried a few more variations of chevron stitch – 6th week stitch of TAST2012 stitch challenge by SharonB.[here you can also see wonderful highlights of this stitch]
12- in this row I tried working individual chevron stitches.


13-after seeing the chevron stitch worked on a celtic motif on facebook TAST2012 page by fellow member, the stitch is worked in this pattern.


14-the chevron stitch is worked with pink seed beads.


15-these are trials of working chevron stitch in circle.


16-starting with the chevron stitch base, buttonhole stitch variation is worked on one side.


17-two rows of chevron stitches with bugle beads and sequins.


18-the chevron stitch itself is worked in bugle beads. I enjoyed working on this row!


With these set of variations I am completing this chevron stitch sampler for this week.
First part of the completed sampler-

6.chevron st sampler1

Part 2-

6.chevron st sampler2

Part 3-

6.chevron st sampler 3