After working on the design with Cretan stitch,- the fourth week stitch of TAST challenge by SharonB. I wanted to work the stitch combined with a few other stitches.
1. In this row I tried Cretan stitch with a set of three detached chain stitches.


2. This row the combination is with fly stitches on top and bottom.


3- this line the Cretan st is worked with cross stitch and a straight stitch.

4.cre st2-03a

The completed row-

4.cre st2-03b

4-cretan st row with cross stitches on the bottom and v-shaped stitch on top.

4.cre st2-04

5-I tried mixing fly stitch and wheat ear stitch variation with Cretan stitch. not very satisfied with the result.

4.cre st2-05

6-two rows of chain stitch is worked over the cretan stitch line.

4.cre st2-06

7-Cretan stitch combined with chevron stitch.

4.cre st2-07

Might try a few more variations, tomorrow.