This week’s stitch on the TAST 2012 Challenge by SharonB is cretan stitch.
This was 4th week stitch on the first TAST challenge. I had not participated in the first one, but when it was rerun on Stitchin fingers, I joined and did a few stitches, I did not complete that challenge either.
But this Cretan stitch I had worked but did not post the pictures. So before I start working on this stitch exploration, these are the pictures of the ones done in 2009.
1st part-

4.cretan st1-1

The Cretan stitch was worked in even weave.

4.cretatn st1-2

Again this stitch can be experimented on plain cloth.

4.cretan st1-3

That’ll be the challenge for this week.

4.cretan st1-4

Enjoy the experiments.
Thanks for all your encouraging and inspiring comments.