Just a few more variations and I am finishing this buttonhole stitch sampler for TAST challenge.
23rd row-
Two rows of buttonhole stitches facing each other, connected with cross stitches and chain stitches.


24th row-
A variation of buttonhole stitch, whipped with rimjim thread.


25th row-
Closed feather stitch is sandwiched between, two rows of buttonhole stitches


26th row-
A row of buttonhole stitch, a row of closed and open herringbone stitch, ending with buttonhole stitch variation.


27th row-
Slanted buttonhole stitch done in v-shape with straight stitches.


28th row-
I tried working butterfly chain stitches with the buttonhole stitches, embellished with beads.


At last it happened , I finally ran out of ideas for this stitch. LOL!
The first part of the sampler-


The next part of the sampler-


The last part of the sampler-


I had drawn my ideas on a paper , before stitching, still some variations were a surprise, some were fine, and some were even disappointing. Over all I enjoyed working on this sampler, which by itself was learning process .