While working this sampler, a thought came about working on some motifs with this stitch.
I did not work any motifs during the earlier stitch challenge. And there is a particular ethnic Indian embroidery, which uses this stitch for working the motifs, other stitches like, back st, herringbone, chain,fly, mirrors, kutch work are also incorporated into this ethnic embroidery.
This being a buttonhole stitch sampler, I intended to work on buttonhole stitch exclusively for this motif sampler. the central design is ethnic pattern , I added a few motif patterns, which I couldn’t work as a band sampler.
As mentioned earlier, all shapes are worked in buttonhole stitches only.
1 st part detail-
Light blue floral pattern and the curved line are my additions.-


The 2nd part detail-
The scalloped pattern is an addition. The parrot is integral part of this ethnic embroidery, with eyes it would have looked better, LOL!


The 3rd part detail-
The shape done in light blue is an addition.


The whole pattern-


This being just a buttonhole motif sampler, I did not add mirrors or beads.
I have to continue my band sampler.