Sharon as announced the first stitch of this challenge- Fly stitch.
I have thought of some guide lines regarding this stitch challenge.
Learning the stitch.
Exploring the stitch-
Depending on the stitch-
Work on plain cloth as line stitches.
Work on even weave cloth.
Work on small patterns.
Work with beads.
Work with other stitches[ this I had not done previously]
Work with different threads.
This will be a sampler, with 4 inches width.
Ist week TAST 2012 f ly stitch-2
I naming this fly stitch -2 because I had already done a stitch sampler of this stitch here.
It was worked on even weave cloth. So I am thinking of exploring this stitch on plain cloth.
After seeing so many crazy quilting stitches on the net, I am thinking, may be this stitch challenge can be used as a personal challenge for making a crazy quilting stitch sampler. I have to work further on this idea. We’ll see. I ‘ll try to share this personal challenge on my blog.