Rim jim thread, sequins and antique golden beads were stitched on to the yoke as embellishments.
the fully completed yoke-

ora&gree on cream tunic- yoke

I placed the yoke and the borders on the tunic fabric to see the effect-
yoke on cream tunic fabric
The yoke and borders after being sewn on the tunic-

ora&gree yoke on cream tunic-yoke

The yoke and sleeves-

ora&gree on cream tunic- yok&sleeves

The close up of the yoke_

yoke close up

More time was taken working on the borders. Yoke embroidery did not take much time, but I finished the borders first, then started on the yoke. Guess I was tired of working on this piece for such a long time, I wanted to complete the yoke as early as possible, so the embellishments were kept to the minimum. When I look at the yoke now, I can see more scope for embellishments.
I have worn this tunic several times, very apt for small festivities.