Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

The embroidery on this black yoke for the bright yellow chiffon tunic is completed . I am not detailing much about the stitches used in this project. They are simple stitches used for gujarati embroidery. I worked the embroidery in two strands of cotton skeins, to have the extra depth. The same pattern in a smaller scale worked in single strand of thread looks very beautiful. I have seen these types of wall hangings, thorans, this embroidery in single strand is done in silk fabric.
Now for the central motif-

yellow and black tunic- central motif detail

The fully completed yoke placed over the tunic , with the border-

completed yoke on tunic with border

The yoke sewn on the tunic, no one can deny that the tunic is bright! Right?

yellow &black tunic

The close up of the completed tunic-

yellow& black tunic -closeup

I have worn this top with  black jeans.

I have started working on the trial pattern 2 which was posted on   this kutch tutorial.  As soon it is completed, I ‘ll post it.

Actually, I was working on a yoke pattern which has some woven kutch work motif details on it. though it was not worked  step by step as a tutorial, I wanted to share the development of these motifs here on my blog. which I ‘ll  do so, after completeing these rial pattern tutorials. It might prove interesting for those , who are not beginners.

thank you for your following.