I had this really bright yellow dupatta[ scarf] which did not have matching suit to go with it. it was so bright, if it worn during daylight, it flashed on your eyes. We call it ‘Govinda yellow’! this material needed some treatment fast! so  it was turned into a dress top with embroidered yoke.
I also had a black woven border, which had yellow, red and green colour on it. this border colours decided the thread colours for embroidery.
I decided to do embroidery on black yoke, outlined with this border. The pattern chosen – some ethnic motifs from Gujarati embroidery with mirrorwork. Along with the usual floral motifs , a parrot design was also added to the motifs, though I am vary of using birds and animals on yokes, with this bright yellow, caution was thrown out of the window,and the parrots landed on yoke.
The work in progress-

yellow&black tunic-WIP1

The stitches are typical of Gujarati embroidery, herringbone filling with chain st outline, and kutch work.

yellow&black tunic-closeup1

Till now I have not shown the bright yellow tunic , did not want to scare away anyone! LOL!
More details on my next post.