This is the last set of motifs in this tunic. As I had mentioned earlier, the whole set of motifs are worked in a straight line. It was not easy to take picture of all the motifs together. So I have broken them into four sets for detailing. The set of motifs 4

tunic with different motifs-motif set4

1. the stitch around the mirror is an variation of herringbone and Cretan, this is the stitch with which the mirrors are stitched on to the fabric.
2 I adopted this motif from a book and modified to my requirement.the stitches worked are- herringbone, chain, fly ,stem ,french knot,and mirror.
3. the mirror here is embellished with buttonhole stitch.
4. small triangles were drawn around the mirror and are worked in Cretan stitch filling with variegated thread. Detached fly stitch are worked around the motif.
The different motifs are detailed in these posts. More pictures of this tunic on my next post.