This sewn tunic was lying with for quite a length of time before it was designed. By the time I wore it the fashion for long salwar top had changed.These days I wear knee length salwar tops only, sometimes I mix and match them with jeans and leggings too. All these are not possible with this particular tunic. The next set of motifs-

tunic with different motifs- motif set3

1. Detached fly stitches are worked going around the mirror.
2.various stitches are worked in this cone shaped design. I had done this cone pattern in another tunic, I became quite fond of the shape, so this was repeated in this tunic motif too. The details-a line of Cretan stitch worked in circles, herringbone stitch worked in cream[ looks like white], I think the next line is arrowhead stitch[ may be it is couched down, I don’t remember now],This line the long tailed fly stitches are worked with small straight stitches, the petals are worked in herringbone stitch, finally,the outlines are worked in chain stitch. This completes this motif.
3. Detached chain stitches are worked around the mirror.
4.Mirror is the centre of this square motif with herringbone petals and chain stitch outline.
The last set of motifs on my next post.