A few years back, I had this sewn tunic sitting with me. The tunic was light orange mangalagiri cotton with green border, the salwar was in the same green colour as the border. It looked too simple and dull to be worn as it was. Then an idea came, to work different ethnic[Indian] motifs in bright colours.
Choosing the colours by itself was a challenge. The motifs were chosen from different places, I don’t remember now. some motifs I modified to suit my purpose. All these motifs were then organized to make a long border pattern[ that it looked like a thoran was a different story !] but nothing could deter me, I proceeded with my idea. Which grew so much , that I wanted to this same border three times on the tunic.
The working-
Different stitches were used – chain, straight, herringbone, back, to name a few.
Kutch motifs were also worked in between.
Mirrors were added too for this long border.
I did not have any plans of the decorative details at the pattern drawing stage.
I improvised on the patterns with details, while I worked the embroidery. It also helped when I had to work each and every detail three times.
I started with one motif, worked it thrice, and moved on to the next one. the decorative details of the mirrors were worked first, and then the mirrors were attached to the fabric.
The first set of motifs-

tunic with different motifs- motif set1

Various details of the motifs-
1. First mirror with detached chain detail.
2. Second mirror with kutch motifs
3. Third mirror with ermine stitch[I think]
4. A motif with buttonhole and herringbone stitches
5. A mirror with herringbone detail