The embroidery details of this maroon yoke are continued here.
The colours used for this embroidery are chosen from the tunic fabric,
The next colour was green mettalic thread, this was used for enhancing the leaf patterns, the stem stitches are worked inside the leaf borders . it is not clearly visible.
I forgot to take a picture after working with this thread, so this picture is while working with the beige thread.

maroon sequin yoke-WIP4

a close up of the mettalic green thread working-

maroon sequin yoke- mettalic thread closeup

The next colour is beige.the stitches worked with this colour are –
Back stitch for the border, scallops,circles[ into which, sequins were added], diamond shape. The fly stitch for the inner part of the leaf. And a line of chain stitch for the centre pattern.

maroon sequin yoke WIP5

More details on my next post.