For the past few days I was away from my computer.
The picture of the completed tunic was already on my earlier post.
In this post I am uploading the different views of the same.
The close up of the completed tunic-

completed yoke

Side view of the same yoke-

completed yoke-2

The tunic with the salwar fabric as sleeve border.

completed tunic

This tunic is completed and has been worn a few times also.
The beads have lost some of their sparkle, because of the wash, I suppose. I don’t use these beads nowadays for tunics. I use different antique golden beads, they don’t sparkle, But they come beautiful shapes.
I love this green colour. The salwar was in red with kadi print, the sales woman told that , the print may not last after washing, but , that did not happen. Life is full of surprises.