September 2011

This tunic embroidery design is a combination of inspirations.
I was fascinated by bead work on the net.
Iam also interested in traditional Indian designs.
I had seen some people doing jewelry patterns on frames based on Tanjore painting style.
So with the above combinations, the result was few lines of jewelry inspired beadwork.
I used small gold beads only, no stones.
The pattern was just lines , where I worked the line stitches to go with the necklace theme.Except where I wanted something hanging down, I used a small curved motif.
I used gold and red colour threads.
I did not plan the list of stitches, but just went along with the basic idea.
I am posting pictures of the completed tunic-

green necklace tunic

The first closeup-

green necklace tunic closeup-1

The second closeup-

green necklace tunic

I took step by step working of this embroidery and beadwork , If somebody wants I can post those pictures also

The embroidery on the maroon fabric for the brocade yoke was then embellished with sequins. That is the reason I used gold colour thread for the embroidery.

In the picture the background fabric is the tunic-

The brocade fabric is placed in the middle-

The completed embroidered border is also seen here-

maroon yoke

the picture of the tunic is not available.

Last year I bought a few synthetic fabrics to be sewn as tunics. This is one of them.

The material was double coloured  chiffon. I had also bought some brocade fabric  at that time.

 The idea was to embroider a small  u-shaped border pattern which will  go around the brocade yoke .

 The tunic colour was a mixture of pink and maroon.

 So the embroidery was done on maroon cloth. The colours used were pink and gold.

maroon yoke-1


The close up of the embroidery-

maroon yoke-cl;ose up


The completed border on my next post.


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