The embroidery stitches part of the design is completed.
Small hanging motif pattern which was done in back stitch was embellished with beads-

detail 7 neckline

The medallion and the hanging motifs together , with beads –

detail 8 completed neckline

The other lines had more hanging motifs than the neckline, the working of the motifs with gold and red beads.

detail 9 gold& red beads

This is the close up of the medallion design with beads.

detail 10 medallion with beads

The work on this necklace pattern is fully completed. On my next post , the pictures of the completed yoke and sewn tunic will be uploaded.
When I was working on this embroidery, I thought of detailing the progress of this project.So , I took pictures. I also learnt something else – I have the record of the progress, which can be used for reference , if I want. I could see how the pattern looked without the gold beads,without the motifs.
Sometimes when we use more than two colours, it is very interesting, how each colour affect the developing pattern.
These days I take pictures after working each and every colour.