In this necklace pattern in embroidery, I have done detailing the green thread in my last post.
As I have mentioned earlier, I had not taken pictures of all the details . there could be jumps here and there.
After the green thread I started with the golden yellow thread. At that time I was working only with anchor cotton skeins. Whoever wants to use this idea can incorporate the silk and metallic threads instead of cotton skeins.

wherever  two lines of chain stitches done in red and green, they are headed with a line of buttonhole stitch in yellow.And on the lines where single line of chain stitch is done in red , a variation of buttonhole stitch[ long and short] is worked in yellow and green colour joined together. For the neck, straight stitches are done in green, over that a line of chain stitch is worked in yellow.
The picture-

detail4 yellow thread

The same yellow thread was used for working the back stitch for the small hanging motifs too. On the neck pattern, two rows of button hole stitches [in yellow] are worked facing each other.

detail5 yelow back st

And this is the detail of the medallion from the necklace pattern-After working buttonhole stitch in a circle, a line of  butoonhole stitch variation is done in red thread.

detail6 medallion