The idea for this tunic came when I had a design block. This experience taught me a lesson never to attempt anything while having a block.
The yoke did not suit the tunic.
The embroidery pattern did not suit anything.
The tunic design was really bad.
Now Iam in procession of a tunic which is like some tribal dress.
I’ ll post a small picture of it , so that no one gets disappointed!

brown yoke- tunic


 The tunic fabric is printed voile . I used to different prints of the same colour. 

 But using of  the brocade fabric  bombed the whole thing!

The embroidery-
I wanted to three motifs together on a yoke.
The pattern chosen was traditional Indian design.It was a good motif though,It didn’t suit the dress!
The stitches were-herringbone, back stitch, chain, satin, leaf stitch, fly stitch.
It started like this-

brown yoke-WIP1

I’ll post the progress of this embroidery from now on. Even though the result was disappointing, the embroidery pattern was okay. The different aspects in the embroidery can be used.